How to Scale a Media Buy Campaign

Small to mid-size affiliates often come across a bottleneck when it comes to their ad buying power. For instance, your landing pages might be fine-tuned over a period of time and producing a reasonable and predictable number of conversions. Let’s say that tests and retests have gotten you to the point where you get a 40% conversion rate to an email list, and then 10% of those conversions end up being buyers.

In other words, your conversion rate is 4% of all your traffic, which tells you how much cash you can spend on traffic. Despite that, you might not have enough money to go and buy 150,000 clicks during your first month. Still, you need to scale up your media buy campaign by taking on the least amount of risk with your money. To do that, we offer a few tips below to help you with media buying campaigns on one or more websites.

Segment Your Media Buys

Segmenting the websites where you buy ad space should be your first step. Unlike your landing pages which can be fine-tuned and tweaked endlessly, the clicks you get from a banner ad are always different based on where they come from.

Also take into account that CPM is how most media buys work, which means you can’t control the number of clicks you’ll get. In most cases, sites won’t even guarantee anything, and sometimes you won’t get the rundown of the click averages. That is why you should hedge your bets through segmenting. Start by making less expensive media buys on larger websites. Pick a site where you can scale your banner over time and start with a smaller space.

Furthermore, aim for sites that have at least 30,000 hits each month and buy space in the context or the sidebar while not paying more than $50 each month. If necessary, the total hits can vary so that you can reach your goal. Keep in mind, this won’t be large or very appealing, but chances are you’ll get some traffic out of it.

At this point, your goal is to turn a profit, and because you’re taking small steps, you’ll be able to afford ad space on multiple sites. Aim to generate enough organic and newsletter traffic so that you can spend some cash on ads every month. Try to buy five or more slots on various websites during your first month.

Measure and Scale

After you diversify your spending in the first month, you can then sift through the resulting data and find out where your best clicks are coming from. If one site gives by far the best results, spend your money there in the second month. Likewise, if you have two or perhaps three websites that stand out, focus your time and money on them.

By using this approach, by month two, your click-throughs and profits will increase drastically without any additional investment required. However, because your revenue has increased, you’re free to spend more for the following month. Continuing on this path of split testing and increasing your budget each subsequent month, you could have even a million ad impressions in three or four months.

With that said, success is not 100% guaranteed for your website or the niche you’ve chosen. But you can increase your chances with good page views, creativity, and a good offer. Spend your money wisely in the beginning, and everything else should fall into place with time.