Best Chrome Extensions to Improve Affiliate Marketing Skills

Google dominates the internet not just because of its search engine, but also thanks to Chrome, which offers an endless variety of useful extensions. To that end, we’re presenting some of the best chrome add-ons for digital marketing. The tools below cover email marketing, SEO, and content writing, as well as design analytics.

Email Marketing Extensions

The effectiveness of email marketing is a contentious topic, but the right campaign will never fail to deliver good returns on your investment. That said, we tend to use two chrome extensions for email marketing, both of which let you schedule, send out, and keep tabs on how your marketing campaign is doing.

Find That Email

If you’re sending out a lot of cold emails, then Find That Email is a great time-saving extension for Chrome. Instead of doing everything manually, all you have to do is enter a web domain and some other details, and this extension will find the necessary email. Moreover, it also saves time by filling the bcc field for the email sender automatically with its copy to clipboard feature.

Boomerang for Gmail

This is another great email marketing extension that can handle, more or less, all email scheduling. Boomerang can send out emails at a predefined time and keep track of any responses. It also gives you suggestions on when to send emails based on the replies. As a bonus, you also get a taste of AI technology which analyzes the top performing emails and gives you writing suggestions.

SEO & Content Writing Extensions

Having great content is a must if you want to rank high on Google. This and SEO as a whole might seem daunting to some, but it’s all a matter optimizing content so that it’s easier for your audience to find it while giving them the information they need in a clear and concise way. If you need help in this regard – and most people do – check out these tools:


The Grammarly service and chrome extension – especially the premium version – is a must-have for anyone writing copy or content. That’s because Google algorithms favor high-quality content with good grammar and clear structure. Grammarly recognizes context when checking and correcting your spelling, syntax, and grammar, and offers suggestions to improve content structure.


If you want SEO metrics for websites, then MozBar is among the best tools for the job. It can cover most of your SEO needs and give you real-time information about sites while you’re browsing them. Furthermore, it allows you to create based on your target demographic. Like Grammarly, MozBar is free, but the premium version of the extension offers much more features.

Design Analytics Extensions

The way you design your site and the visual aspect of your marketing campaigns can have a massive impact on your audience. If you ace it, you can expect an excellent first impression, a good user experience which will add to the credibility of everything you do. You can also learn from the best with these tools:


This extension lets you inspect website color pallets and codes. It provides an advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator, and other useful design tools.


If you ever need to find out which font a website uses quickly, check out WhatFont. All you need to do is hover over with your mouse. This tool also detects any services used to show or create the fonts you’re viewing.