6 Ways to Boost Email Open Conversion Rates

Not a month goes by without us hearing about someone having trouble with low email open conversion rates, and everyone knows an email marketing list is a must-have. But if people subscribed to your list don’t open any of the emails you send, guess what happens? You won’t get any conversions. To that end, we’re presenting six of the best ways for improving open conversion rates for email lists to help you out.

1. Create a Recognizable “From” Field

More and more people are opening emails on their phones, which have much less screen space than a laptop or desktop computer. In turn, you have much less space to persuade someone to open and read your email. That’s why you should make the “From” field as recognizable as possible by adding your business or brand name.

2. Refresh Your Email List

A big email list doesn’t guarantee success. It’s much more important to keep your subscribers engaged. At the same time, some people from your list may not be interested in your brand anymore, or they might have changed their email, so you should update the list occasionally to delete inactive subscribers. Who is considered inactive? A user who hasn’t shown interest and engagement in at least the last six months.

Also, be aware that 60% of any email marketing list is filled with inactive people. Despite that, it’s always best to come up with one last effort to win over inactive users. To that end, here’s an excellent article on the matter from Hubspot with a few breakup email templates.

3. Get to Know Your Subscribers

Find out what you can do for the people on your email list. See whether they’re still on the same page or if they need a nudge in the right direction. This step doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use different polls, promotional codes, polls, surveys, or just recommend a product to try and win back inactive leads. Don’t worry if you fail to grab everyone’s attention, but make sure to focus on subscribers that end up responding.

4. Use Segmented Email Campaigns

Sometimes getting people to engage is about sending the right email to the right subscriber, or sending them emails relevant to their needs and interests. That’s the reason you need to start doing segmented email campaigns, and there’s research performed by MailChimp showing the superiority of such an approach.

5. Send Emails at the Right Time

What happens when a subscriber receives an email at 9 pm on a Sunday? Chances are they’re going to read it no sooner than Monday morning, or even after work. At the same time, they might get half a dozen additional emails that grab their attention.

To avoid that, and get more emails opened and links clicked, you should send emails at prime time. A summary of different studies by Customer.io states that the best day to send out emails is Tuesday. Moreover, the best time of day for opens are afternoons, and evenings are best if you want to get clicks.

6. Don’t Send Too Many Emails, Include a Call to Action

It’s best to send no more than one email per week. Otherwise, your hard work may end up in the spam folder. Besides that, make sure to add a call to action in each email that’s simple and straightforward, particularly when you need to bring inactive leads back.