5 Marketing Tips To Help You Make Better Ads

By now, you probably know that choosing an offer, making an ad campaign and twiddling your thumbs waiting for leads is not enough. With that said, we have 5 marketing tips to help you make better ads. If you’re using the correct approach, you should be generating leads and motivating potential customers to spend money. To achieve this, you need some luck, but never underestimate experience earned not just from trying different things out but also from making mistakes.

Let’s start with marketing hooks. What are they? They’re a teaser, a sample of what potential customers or leads are going to get if they click on an ad. It can be a call to action (CTA), a highlight, a motivation. Now here are a few quick hooks and hacks to help you out if you don’t have much experience or if you’re only begging your journey.

Draw the Attention of Your Customers

Almost 60% of people have their minds made up by the times they see your hook, while the rest need a little nudge in the right direction, according to CEB research. That’s why you need to take every opportunity to motivate people to become your client or customer – this can be the crucial difference in generating a lead or getting a conversion. A call to action (CTA) should be at the center of your campaign or website. People feel compelled to click when they see things like “Satisfy your cravings and lose weight with Chocolate Slim!.” or “Stop throwing money away – Denta Bright turns teeth white and keeps them healthy!.”

Offer a Better Solution

Dissatisfaction, in some way or another, is widespread among people, and any number of reasons can cause it. However, if there’s a particular product or service that can make people feel better, you have to tell them about it. Can your offer improve lives? If it can, tell them about what they can be or how better they can feel if they only had what you’re selling.

Take Advantage of Pressure Points

We’re not talking about acupuncture here. Often people live with a problem for a long time without ever seeing a potential solution. And that’s precisely where you need to step in. If they’ve forgotten, remind them of their problem, and tell them they shouldn’t put it off anymore. You can approach this by making a video or writing an article that helps them with this problem. Bottom line, they should feel that by clicking on your link that they’re going to find a solution to their problem.

Take Reviews Seriously

Nine out of ten customers take a look at online reviews before going into a brick and mortar store. Moreover, almost 90% of them consider online reviews as reliable as personal recommendations from friends and family, according to Invespcro. Thus, a perfect hook could be a straightforward and honest sounding review or a testimonial. However, there’s a fine line that you need to thread for your reviews to seem sincere.

Show Your Audience the Value, Not the Discount

Instead of forcing sales and discounts in your ads, and making everything about savings, show your audience the value your offer brings, and what they can get if they click. The best hook is offering a solution to a problem.