3 Ways Great Content Can Boost SEO Results and Grow Organic Traffic

Everyone knows that content helps you boost SEO results and grow organic traffic. However, it can’t be just any kind of content – you need to be on your A-game!

When you offer interesting and useful information, provide eye-catching infographics, and enticing photos that work for your audience, that’s when you’re doing things right. You’ll see more visitors that stay longer and reduce bounce rates. Thus, at the heart of effective marketing is engaging content.

It’s no longer enough to tick boxes on a list of backlinking tasks if you want to grow traffic on your site. And even though there are many things to check off to boost traffic with SEO, their impact is starting to diminish if you want to sure up your SERP rankings.

But, that is where great content enters the picture. Still, you might not be sure how to take advantage of it while keeping mindful of cost and effort. So, let us break-down the impact of quality content on SEO.

It Boosts On-Page Metrics

Google measures many different metrics essential to the success of any websites through analytics and various chrome tools, including:

  • Pages Viewed
  • End of Search
  • New Visitor Rate
  • Return Rate
  • Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate

These parameters tell you if visitors coming to your site consider the information it offers useful. For example, Google looks favorably upon someone searching for “composting kitchen waste,” clicking on your article, taking 4-5 minutes to read it and then returning a couple of times in the next few weeks. On the other hand, a visitor can reach a page packed with keywords, realize in 10 seconds that there’s nothing valuable in the article, and leave, which Googles also keeps track of and punishes you for it. If you have high-quality content, a visitors search ends with your website and that boosts your value to search engines over time.

It Improves Authorship and Produces Social Signals

At the moment, Google disproportionately values social signals, but they’re always crucial for several other reasons. When you combine that with a high Google Authorship ranking and the positive influence more content brings, you get the perfect storm. In other words, your audience increases as you create more content, and that, in turn, gives you better rankings.

It Helps with Backlink Generation

Lastly, engaging content will entice other websites into linking to your articles. If you write 20 blog posts every month, you give other websites and bloggers 20 new pages of linkable content. By contrast, if your update schedule involves a few blog posts per month, your odds diminish, and you need to either be lucky or spend much more time marketing to get backlinks.

With these three things in mind, you can make build your website or blog into something special. Just remember, high-quality content does more than reaching an audience and creating a connection in the form of increased organic traffic or backlinks. It’s also a long-term investment and a permanent part of your site that can generate traffic for months and years to come. With the right approach to creating content, you will build a loyal audience and rank well in search engines.