3 Important Audience Tracking Metrics for Media Buyers

For anyone willing to put in the time, media buying is an excellent advertising approach. With that said, it’s necessary to research and match audience demographics to opportunities. You also need to have reliable metrics when investing so much effort in just one ad placement so that you can measure the effectiveness of a given ad. Here’s what you need to do:

Check Unique Page Views

Purchasing a media buy gives you impressions, as most of you know by now, or in other words, a fixed number of times your ad will appear on someone’s computer or mobile device. Unfortunately, that number doesn’t always let you know how many unique page views you’re getting. For instance, when someone returns to a bookmarked page many times to read an article. In this case, it’s more likely that you’ll get fewer ad clicks with each time they return. That’s why you should pay attention to unique page views as they tell you how many times a new person has opened a particular page.

Look up Time on Site

While a large number of unique page views is good to have, time on site is just as important. Otherwise, you get thousands of people visiting a page and then bouncing in ten seconds. What this means is that your target audience doesn’t spend enough time on a page to actually notice, read, and potentially click on your advertisement. Despite that, it’s not uncommon for popular sites to have some pages with low time-on-site metrics and high bounce rates. In those situations, you might not need to do anything except pick a page with better metrics.

Pay Attention to the Location

If your Ads are targeting customers from the United States, they should get most of their impressions from the US. Otherwise, what’s the point? However, the majority of websites will only state the total number of impressions for a given page when advertising ad space while leaving out where all the views are coming from. That’s why you should always ask for more information and research each purchase.


There are quite a few websites that let you make a media buy in a matter of minutes, but you should avoid rushing in. Make sure that you first research the media buying metrics we’ve outlined above. Remember that you can always try to contact a site’s owner or webmaster to ask them directly for the information you’re after.